3rd Falk Art Forum – Antique & Modern Art Festival

2007., www.funzine.hu

Falk Miksa Street is a Mecca for art collectors in Budapest, a neighborhood nexus of locations where each and every gallery has its own treasures or masterpieces, along with unique stories and history. It is an immutable street, where renaissance and modern, baroque and art nouveau harmoniously coexist.

Thus it is the most suitable milieu in Budapest to organize an antique and modern art festival, the Falk Art Forum. This event will mark the third time that the street will be blocked off at both ends from early afternoon until late into the night, allowing collectors, scenesters and anyone else to browse and mingle. After the huge success of the first and second events, certainly, it’s going to be one of the most colorful events this September.
With more than 50 participants and an array of concerts, open-air entertainment, fire jugglers, art-happenings and more, the Falk Art Forum is the largest open-air entertainment opportunity of the entire 5th district this month.

Time: September 15th, 2pm until late
Place: Falk Miksa utca, the pedestrian-friendly area from Kossuth tér to Szent István
More Information (Hungarian only): www.falkart.hu
• Contemporary art by painter Gábor Gózon – Bardoni Eurostyle
• “Élesdiek” exhibition – B55 Contemporary Gallery
• Graphic art exhibition by Tedesco Anna – Blitz Frame, Kruj Antique
• Exhibition of clocks from the 18th and 19th centuries – Bujanovics Antique
• Greek legend: travelogues and aquarelles of architect Máté Csák – Máté Csák Architecture Gallery
• Photo exhibition by Lucien and Rodolf Hervé – Erdész & Makláry Fine Arts (until October 14)
• Nostalgia as Art: Middleclass furnishings in Hungary at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Bieder magic, the offset of furnishing – Európa Gallery
• Art exhibition by handicraftsman and interior decorator Károly Nagy – Ferenczi Interior Eurostyle
• Contemporary art exhibition – Galeria White (until October 31)
• Double portrait: memorial exhibition of painters Margit Gráber and Csaba Vilmos Perlrott – Haas Gallery
• “Az én János Vitézem” (My Valiant John): Aquarelles by Zsuzsa Pérely – Haas Modern Art Gallery
• Paintings created in 1930’s France by Ferenc Martyn – Körmendi Gallery (until September 17)
• “A szabadban…” (Outside…) – Representation of nature at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century in French, German, Austrian and Hungarian paintings – Magyar-Francia Gallery (until September 16)
• “Too beautiful: From Bobo to Picasso” – 20th century portraits by Károly Kelemen – Memoart Gallery (until September 31)
• Paintings by Gyula Szabó – MissionArt Gallery
• “Buddha: Exhibition of 108 Buddha sculptures” – Moró Antique (until October 13)
• Exhibition of illustrious artworks from the 70’s and 80’s – Múzsa Gallery
• Exhibition of mock paintings – Nagyházi Gallery
• “Kolozsvári Festők” (Painters of Kolozsvár) exhibition – Rocaille Antique (until September 22)
• Exhibition of leather objects designed by Judit Bráda – Wladis Gallery
4:30pm – Lecture
Csaba Csörge on Hungarian furniture art - Darius Antiques
5pm – Art exhibition
Guided by the contemporary art trustee Zita Sárvári - Virág Judit Gallery
6pm – Opening ceremony: Galeria White
Conversation with exhibiting artists József Szurcsik and Tamás Konok - Virág Judit Gallery
7pm – Destruction of paintings
A high-priority program at the Falk Art Forum
7:30pm – “The Style of Furniture”
Exhibition of upholstered furniture from different eras - La Fenice Textile Studio
8pm – Is material the most important?
Have a look at the furniture – upholstery on show - La Fenice Textile Studio
10am-1pm – Drawing competition on “My favorite tale”
10am-5pm – Artistic children’s programs
Haas Glee Club / Haas Modern Arts Gallery
4pm – Art exhibition opening, with music by László Tolcsvay
5pm – Concert of Ernő Weszely
• Piano, singing by Ferenc Kiss, second-hand bookshop owner, collector
• Piano by 12-year-old student Zsiga Gerlóczy
• Piano, singing by collector Viktor Menshikov
• “Music-Antic” band Vili and the Sparrows
Pintér Antique
8pm – Grencsó Bio Kollektív jazz concert