Attila Adorján


Attila Adorján usually sets his cold scene without any intimacy, and everything in that seems to be far-away or somehow strange. His style is based on a professional photorealistic loyalty to the sight, but moreover there is an imaginative and also enigmatic place, which is able to be a subject of art. Like still lifes from Caravaggio with soft chiaroscuros and enlarged objects, achieves a weird encounter of the profanity and sainted. Adorján realised that if he was to eliminate all traces of intimacy and subjective value in his work he had to record the image as faithfully as possible. His earlier works paid homage to the urban citylife and the solitude - not just about human but all the petty objects. His quotations from everyday visual culture, such as fashion photography, reveals his own fascination with concepts like „beauty” and „perfection”.

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Adorján Attila